Uncommon Symptoms of Pregnancy

Wondering if you are pregnant? Or, are you pregnant and wondering what the heck is going on with these weird symptoms? The body goes through some extraordinary changes when it gets pregnant. It has tomakeroom for the growing baby, prepare to nourish it and mom, all the while preparing for labor. Which is a amazing accomplishment in it’s self! Have you noticed that your joints hurt? Joint pain is a very real symptom of pregnancy. The surge of hormones doesn’t only make you moody. One hormone, relaxin, loosens joints therefore making them hurt. It could effect mostly any joint in your body.

How about that road map on your breasts? One of the most common signs of pregnancy, that really isn’t discussed much, is the changes your breasts go through. Some women find big blue veins covering their breasts. Some even report going to sleep without them and waking up to find a map of Vermont on their breasts! It’s perfectly normal and healthy. Your ladies are just getting ready to produce the milk to nourish your baby! You might also notice that your nipples stand at attention pretty much all the time!

This one isn’t for the faint of nose. And particularly not so good for your spouse. Notice any bloating? Sure that is a super common pregnancy symptom. Ok, how about the extreme gas? Thought it was all in your head? Gas, bloating and flatulence is also a very common symptom of pregnancy. And one of the least desirable ones I might add. As your body is preparing to carry and grow your baby, the hormones don’t skip a beat. Including the digestive tract. You might even experience constipation!

Have you notices a rather sniffily nose lately? Perhaps this symptom is easier to spot in the summer, but you can also have cold like symptoms most commonly a runny nose in early pregnancy!

Again, these could be symptoms of pregnancy, if you think you are pregnant you shouldn’t rely on symptoms alone. It’s important to see a doctor if you aren’t sure. Also, while these symptoms are perfectly normal, if you feel as though you are experiencing any pregnancy symptom in excess, it’s best to consult your doctor with your concerns. It’s also important to consult your doctor before taking any medicine for any symptoms you might have. Certain medications will have a adverse effect on your pregnancy.

Just remember that your body is preparing to do a remarkable thing. Creating another human being is hard work! It’s best to stay healthy, exercise (in moderation), eat right and drink plenty of water. You might experience some of these symptoms or none at all. It’s best to be healthy and prepared. Enjoy your pregnancy, and all the weird symptoms that comes with it. You’ll find that when you finally have your baby in your arms, it all will have been worth it!




Jillian is a military wife and a mommy to two fur babies (dogs Hank and Baxter). She (26) and her fantastic husband (29) started their journey to conceive in May 2011. With no luck & suspicions of medical issues, they saw an RE 7 months in. After many tests & one laparoscopy later, she was diagnosed with endometriosis. They recently began their first medicated cycle and are moving on, full force, with renewed hope that they will soon have their sweet little bundle of joy.

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